Managing Partner Scott L. Duma featured in Atlanta Business Chronicle’s "Sound Off" section

June 23, 2009

Managing Partner Scott L. Duma was featured in Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Legal and Accounting special section. Attorneys offer opinions on the state of the legal community.

1. What has been the most significant change to the legal field as a result of the recession?
Change:  Law firms must now demonstrate to clients that they are getting the best “value” for their engagement or risk losing the work.

2. With firms continuing to shed jobs, what advice would you give to a student considering law school?
Advice:  My advice to students is to begin now to build the foundation that will make them a successful lawyer, which means: No 1) Do well in school and become an expert in whatever area of the law that most interest you; No.2) Get involved with people and activities as the relationships that you build in school will be the ones you call upon later to advance your career; and No.3) Learn to manage your time and responsively communicate with others.

3. How has your job changed over the last two years?
Job: My Job has changed from being one of building a full-service, business-orientated law firm to one of coordinating the operations of a 60-Plus attorney firm so as to smoothly facilitate the delivery of exceptional legal service.

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