FPJ webinar: Can the regulator have a friendly face for investors and promoters?

The Free Press Journal
November 17, 2021

In an article published in the Free Press Journal on November 17, 2021, partner Jonathan Wilson is featured as part of a webinar hosted by the organization called  ‘Promoters, investors and market regulations: Can Indian markets become friendlier?’

In the article, Wilson is quoted from the webinar as saying, "The United States has been lucky and fortunate in many ways. In terms of securities law, we have done many things right. The best ingredients for a successful system are freedom, transparency and predictability. By and large, the US market has all three of them. In the case of freedom, the US system follows a very liberal system."

"Having the freedom to do what you need, the transparency of understanding what the rules are and the predictability to forecasting the outcomes of business decisions; help the securities system of the US to work fairly efficiently," Wilson added. 

You can read more of the article in the Free Press Journal here. 

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