Daily Report article features speakers from Taylor English's October 10th in-house litigation seminar

October 22, 2012

On October 15, 2012, the Daily Report published an article entitled, “Big Profits to Fall at Big Law?,” featuring speakers from Taylor English Duma’s in-house litigation seminar that was held at the Cherokee Town Club on October 10. DuPont’s General Counsel Thomas Sager, who was a seminar participant, was quoted as an advocate of alternative fee arrangements and using contract or offshore attorneys for document review and other low-level, repetitive work. Sager commented that 85 percent of his law department’s litigation matters with outside counsel utilize an alternative fee arrangement, which he estimated made up for about 60 percent of total billing from firms. He said that long-term relationships with firms also make alternative fee arrangements more possible and successful. The article also outlines Taylor English Member Michael Trotter’s comments on the rise and decline of big law. Trotter is the author of the recently published “Declining Prospects: How Extraordinary Competition and Compensation Are Changing America's Major Law Firms." For the full article, please visit the Daily Report, or Click here

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