"State By State: Best & Worst Legal Locations For Staffing Firms," Staffing Industry Analysts

May 29, 2014

On May 19, 2014, Staffing Industry Analysts turned to Steve Whitehead, chair of the firm’s Labor and Employment practice for expert commentary in their article, “State By State: Best & Worst Legal Locations for Staffing Firms.” The article discusses the varying costs and taxes for staffing firms in the United States. When asked about California’s laws, Whitehead says, “California’s laws incentivize employees to find reasons to sue instead of doing their jobs. Essentially, an employee can sue you for shorting his paycheck by one cent.” In contrast, Georgia provides a favorable regulatory environment for the staffing industry. Whitehead credits the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals with setting the tone in the Southeast: “It’s hard for plaintiffs to get a jury trial in Georgia,” he notes. For full coverage on the best and worst states for staffing firms, please click here.

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