"Social Enterprise Expert Speaks to Buckhead Business Group," Northside Neighbor

July 2, 2013

The Northside Neighbor covered the Buckhead Business Association’s weekly breakfast meeting on June 27, 2013, where Jeff D. Woodward served as a guest speaker on the increase of social enterprise. Woodward, who is the founder of the Atlanta Community Toolbank, an Atlanta-based nonprofit dedicated to providing funds for other nonprofits to help them expand their impact, spoke about how money, scale and impact are driving social enterprise in Atlanta. He explains that social enterprise is the practice of merging the nonprofit and for-profit worlds so a business can be sustainable while also serving the greater good. He notes that the state uses social enterprise through angel investor tax credits in addition to the new crowdfunding capabilities for Georgia-based companies. Woodward cites local examples and how consumers, investors and entrepreneurs will gravitate towards a company with a social purpose when price and quality are the same. For full coverage of the Buckhead Business Association’s meeting, please click here.

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