“Pros Offer Tips for Planning a Great Meeting,” Daily Report

December 16, 2013

The Daily Report interviewed Michele Golivesky, Taylor English Director of Business Development and Marketing, for their article, “Pros Offer Tips for Planning a Great Meeting,” that ran on Dec. 16. Whether it be an all-firm gathering, partners’ retreat, associates’ discussion or practice group meeting, organizers of meetings often struggle to plan them in such a way that attendees not only see the benefits, but also look forward to the next one. Attorneys see meetings as a loss of billable time, so in order to be most efficient with their time Golivesky advises that the meeting’s leaders agree about the agenda. She says that if someone is bringing up a new idea that may be controversial, establish where the leaders stand on the issue and decide who will champion it and push it through. In addition, she suggests that introducing a topic outside the agenda is a big no-no. Don’t ever blindside leadership at a meeting. 

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