"DOMA Ruling: Companies Re-Evaluate Benefits," Atlanta Business Chronicle

December 2, 2013

The Atlanta Business Chronicle interviewed Randy Gepp for the article, “DOMA Ruling: Companies Re-Evaluate Benefits,” that ran on Nov. 29. The article suggests that even in a state like Georgia that does not recognize same-sex marriage, certain aspects of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) being struck down will have a lasting impact on local businesses. Employers will have to re-evaluate their benefits to make sure they are complying with federal laws as they pertain to retirement, 401(k), pensions and other offerings. Gepp advises that if a state has its own laws on COBRA, Family Medical Leave Act, or pensions, those laws have changed. In addition, under DOMA, employees had to use post-tax dollars to pay for benefits such as healthcare for a same-sex spouse. Now, employers will need to identify their plan’s provisions in order to include same-sex spouses or decide whether to continue to include domestic partners.

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