“4 Ways to Block a Stripper Shakedown For Club Clients,” Law360

December 17, 2013

On Dec. 16, Law360 turned to Amy Burton Loggins for expert commentary for the article, “4 Ways To Block A Stripper Shakedown For Club Clients.” A rise of independent contractor misclassification suits has been hitting strip clubs across the country, and while these cases are tough to win, Loggins provides the following tips for attorneys to help protect club owners. She suggests owners should pull financial records and look at the company’s policies. In particular, find out if the club has posted any written policies toward the dancers and whether it has any tip-pooling arrangements that call on dancers to share with other workers. In addition, she believes social media in the hospitality industry can play into the defense and analysis of whether someone is a contractor or employee. By using social media, you can often find out if a dancer is performing at two or three different locations. If so, then the company can say she is a contractor. For more tips on how club owners can protect themselves from independent contractor misclassification suits, Law360 subscribers can read the full article here.

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