"Virtual Firms Are Rapidly Expanding. What Kind of Lawyers Do They Want?," The American Lawyer

March 10, 2021

In an article published by The American Lawyer, Chris Wilson share his insights on virtual law firms and the types of attorneys they want. 

After a year away from the office, an increasing number of attorneys are curious about the prospect of taking their practice to a virtual platform. But leaders at these “distributed” firms say their model isn’t a fit for everyone. Just like at any high-performing firm, an entrepreneurial mindset is critical, but so are comfort with technology and an appetite for risk, even though it's rare in lawyers. 

“Most attorneys are very good at identifying risk. But in assessing and assuming risk, attorneys are horrendous,” Wilson said. “If you could come up with a test early on that would determine attorneys’ ability to do this, I’d love that. People will tell you they can, but it isn’t until the decision has to be made about going to join the firm or not join the firm. Then you figure out whether they can assume that risk.”

Interviews are particularly helpful for determining an attorney’s comfort level in the virtual environment. A key part of that is how they feel about technology.

You’re not just walking in the door,” explained Wilson, adding that, “There’s a little more that you need to do on your own."

But the demands aren’t onerous. Lawyers at virtual firms don’t need to command multiple programming languages, but they do need to be able to use videoconferencing software and troubleshoot minor technical issues in the absence of an onsite help desk.

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