"Law Firms Simply Do Not Need the Physical Space They Currently Occupy': Taylor English's Chris Wilson on Why Offices Are Becoming Obsolete,” Legal Speak Podcast 

September 25, 2020

On September 25, 2020, in an episode of the Legal Speak Podcast, Chris Wilson discusses how Taylor English has made its largely virtual structure successful, as well as the challenges some traditional brick-and-mortar firms may face in attempting to shed office space and move to a similar model.

In the episode, Wilson dispels the notion that not being together in a physical space makes lawyers disconnected from one another. In fact, he argues, the image of law firm offices abuzz with constant chatter and collaboration is largely a fantasy. “I’m not really sure that spontaneous water-cooler conversation happens as frequently as people like to say it does,” Wilson said.

To listen to the full episode, please click here.

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