“What’s to Become of the Legal Profession?” Georgia Bar Journal

August 2017

In an article published in the August issue of the Georgia Bar Journal, Michael H. Trotter’s latest book “What’s to Become of the Legal Profession?” is reviewed. Mr. Trotter’s book summarizes changes that have taken place in the practice of law over the past 70 years and he provides insight on what he expects to happen in the future. Mr. Trotter acknowledges the changes occurring within the profession, but he does not believe that the practice of law will undergo any fundamental transformation. The increased complexity and amount of laws and regulations require someone with judgement to analyze the law, apply it to the client’s facts and give advice. In an epilogue, Mr. Trotter expands on the subject of automation of legal services and its effect on legal practice.

For the full review please visit the Georgia Bar Journal website and select the August 2017 issue.

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