"Biggest Georgia Legislation Of 2021: Midyear Report," Law360

July 8, 2021

In an article published by Law360 on July 8, 2021, Bruce Siegal discusses Georgia legislation from the 2021 session that attorneys should be aware of.

Georgia businesses will have another year of legal protection from COVID-19 liability lawsuits, new opportunities to reach endorsement deals with college athletes and shored-up infrastructure under bills passed by the state General Assembly in its spring session.

Under H.B. 617, which took effect July 1, college athletes may now profit from their images and likenesses. The previously taboo market is now fair game for companies interested in college athlete endorsements.

"Depending on how aggressive the businesses and athletes are, players and their schools could be at odds over endorsement deals," said Siegal. "Because the laws are so new, there's been no test cases to show how conflicts over endorsement deals may play out," he added. 

Siegal explained there are a lot of moving parts. "It will be very interesting to see what kinds of deals become visible," he said.

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