"Questions Attorneys Should Ask Before Making a Lateral Move," Law360

January 8, 2016

In a Law360 article published on January 6, 2016, W. Scott Creasman discussed what lateral attorneys should ask prospective firms during the interview process. Mr. Creasman says, “As a new-model firm with a unique approach to recruiting—approximately 95 percent of our hiring involves laterals and does not involve headhunters—we value questions that point to character and cultural compatibility. While many law firms dance around compensation, particularly as to origination credit, we like to hear a prospective lateral ask, 'How do you reward and encourage cross-selling—in real dollars how is compensation impacted?' This signifies a commitment to a culture of sharing, mutual growth and inclusion. A lateral with like-minded appreciation for credit allocation is likely to play well in our sandbox.” Subscribers may view the full Law360 article.

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