"Noncompete Agreements Hurt Recruitment," Society for Human Resource Management

August 19, 2016

In an article published by the Society for Human Resource Management on August 17, 2016, Paul C. Munger provided insight on the increase in noncompete agreements now that former employees may be able to steal confidential information more easily because it is stored electronically. The article states that while noncompete agreements appear to be on the rise, many talented job applicants are refusing to sign them and are choosing employers that don’t require them. "We're definitely seeing more noncompetes,” said Mr. Munger. “Many states have changed their laws to make it easier to enforce noncompete agreements, and at the same time, companies are very concerned that the theft of their electronic information—customer lists and other data—makes it easier for a former employee to compete against them." For the full article, please visit the Society for Human Resource Management website.

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