"New Ticket Restrictions Could Be Risky for Teams," Law360

April 7, 2016

In an article published by Law360 on April 6, 2016, Joseph C. Sullivan offers guidance on new ticket restrictions that could be risky for sports teams. The article details problems that the secondary market has held for reselling, including several lawsuits across the country, as well as the overall fear of ticket fraud. Many sports teams have implemented policies requiring fans to present verified electronic tickets on their mobile devices in order to gain entry, as well as other measures to restrict the transferability of tickets. “The problem for disgruntled ticket holders is that courts have generally viewed an event ticket as a license allowing the holder to enter the stadium and sit in the specified seat, a license that can be taken away at any time for almost any reason and that doesn't give the holder an absolute right to transfer or resell that license,” says Mr. Sullivan. For the full article, subscribers may view the Law360 website.

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