"4 Questions for Taylor English's New Managing Partner," Daily Report

January 27, 2022

In a recent interview with the Daily Report, Mark Sanders discussed his new role as Taylor English's Managing Partner and the greatest opportunities and challenges facing the firm and legal industry over the next year. 

Hiring associates right after law school. COVID fatigue. The impact of inflation. Those are all issues that Sanders is eyeing as he steps in as Taylor English's new managing partner.

"I am by no means the only person doing things for this firm. We have a lot of people organized. We have an executive committee. We have standing committees. We have practice group leaders. We’re coming out of last year with a lot of momentum," said Sanders. 

Sanders hopes to provide a bit of inspiration to lawyers who are a bit pandemic fatigued and tired of dealing with COVID, working to figure out how to build and maintain a culture while continuing to grow the firm's hybrid model. 

"The greatest opportunities are for me to have a more direct and personal connection with the lawyers in the firm and to try and help raise the level of performance, positivity and impart some inspiration I hope. A managing partner’s job can be handled and approached in different ways. If it’s done in an upbeat way and you try to approach the lawyers as people and humans and try to create some connectivity there other than just mundane, routine, everyday comings and goings, then hopefully that will add some spark to the overall business," explained Sanders. 

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