"Musical Legal Loophole May Hinder Recording of Police Officers," CBS46

February 12, 2021

In an interview with CBS46 on February 12, 2021, Amanda Hyland discusses copyright rules that stop content from being posted by a user who is not the creator. 

In a recent video from January, a Beverly Hills police officer begins playing Beatles music while an activist records him. The music playing reportedly happened on at least three separate occasions and some believe the officer is trying to trigger a possible copyright violation to keep the video from going viral or posted altogether.

Playing music could be a seemingly sneaky tactic to dodge transparency, but  Hyland confirmed with CBS46 that fair use laws can often hold police accountable, and believes in this case, fair use would be applicable.

"Even if a social media algorithm forced a post's removal due to copyright violation, it doesn't mean that original post or video cannot be used in a court case or an agency's investigation," said Hyland. 

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