"Blank Check IPOs Cash in While Broader Market Flounders," Law360

March 8, 2016

In an article published by Law360 on March 7, 2016, Jonathan B. Wilson provides his insights on the rise of blank check companies going public. Even as the market for initial public offerings slumps, appetite for acquisitions remains robust, fueling interest in blank check companies that are going public at a steady clip despite a harsh fundraising environment, often backed by some of private equity’s biggest names. Part of the IPO downturn is caused by concerns over plunging energy prices. “There are targets out there because the energy space has been beaten up so badly,” Mr. Wilson explains. “You’re seeing a lot of companies near their two-and three-year bottoms. It might be a good time to go shopping.” For the full article, subscribers may visit the Law360 website.

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