"Atlanta News," News Radio 106.7

December 6, 2016

On November 30, 2016, in a radio interview with John Lisk of News Radio 106.7, Taylor English tax controversy attorney Vivian D. Hoard provides insight on President-elect Donald Trump’s plan to separate himself from his global business empire to prevent the appearance of a conflict of interest as he becomes President. “What presidents have done in the past is they have liquidated and put the funds in a blind trust,” Ms. Hoard explains in response to Mr. Trump’s recent Tweet stating that legal documents are being crafted to take him completely out of business transactions. “If he divests himself of his assets—if he sells his assets—he’s going to incur tremendous tax liability and I am sure he would not want to do that until after he gets the tax rates reduced.” Please click to listen to the full News Radio interview.

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