"Reserving the Right to Fire…Or Not," Thomson Reuters Employee Terminations Law Bulletin

June 23, 2015

In its April 2015 edition, Thomson Reuters Employee Terminations Law Bulletin interviewed Joseph W. Bryan on how employers face the challenges of litigation associated with progressive discipline policies that contain clauses listing infractions that result in immediate discharge. Before employers throw progressive discipline policies out of their handbooks, Mr. Bryan suggests shifting some of the language within them to give employers more latitude. “For example, instead of saying ‘the following will lead to immediate termination,’ say ‘the following may lead to termination.” This gives the employer some flexibility, which is critical in any type of discipline policy. Mr. Bryan also stresses that making this switch will not restrict employers from immediately terminating employees when the situation calls for it. The full version of the article is available here and is reprinted from Employee Terminations Law Bulletin with permission of Thomson Reuters. Learn more about this publication.

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