Recipes for Restaurant Success: Who's Minding the Stove?

January 20, 2015

Recipes Invitation 2014

You've seen the headlines: Sony. Target. Home Depot. But it's not just hackers who present problems. And it's not just global players at risk. Smaller retailers such as restaurants and bars need to pay attention to security and privacy, too.  These days, the flame is turned to "high."

Join us for a discussion of cyber security in the restaurant setting, and learn how to keep an eye on that stove. We will cover a full menu of real-­world issues, such as these:


- What kind of sensitive data you probably have, and what that means for you.

- How and why data are lost and stolen.

- The costs of a data incident.


- Credit card security.

- Employees: training them on privacy and security.

- Practical tips for your computer and email set-­up.


- The value of an advance plan.

- How cyber liability insurance can play a role in your safety net.

Featured Speaker

Mitzi Hill

Taylor English Duma LLP

Mitzi Hill is a member of the Corporate and Business practice group. She is an experienced media, intellectual property, and technology lawyer. Her practice focuses on data security and privacy (including responding to data breaches), entertainment and media issues, and technology licensing and development.

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