Tax Talks Seminar Series: Representing Taxpayers in the Georgia Tax Tribunal

September 25, 2013

Tax Talks

Representing Taxpayers in the Georgia Tax Tribunal

The Taxation Practice attorneys of Taylor English Duma LLP invite you to join us  for a conversation with the expert. This program is the first seminar in a series hosted for tax attorneys and accountants to address timely topics and promote discussion.

In 2012, Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 100 into law to create a new Chapter 13A under Title 50 of the Official Code of Georgia creating Georgia's independent Tax Tribunal. The Tax Tribunal hears cases seeking review of actions of the Department of Revenue. By law, only experienced tax attorneys can be appointed as a Tax Tribunal Judge in Georgia, however, both attorneys and accountants can appear before the Tax Tribunal. In this session, Judge Beaudrot will discuss the workings of the Tax Tribunal and the roles of attorneys and accountants appearing before the tribunal.

Featured Speaker

Hon. Charles R. Beaudrot Jr.

Administrative Law Judge for the Georgia Tax Tribunal

Judge Beaudrot was appointed by Gov. Nathan Deal as administrative law judge for  the Georgia Tax Tribunal on November 28, 2012. He was previously a senior partner in the Tax Practice at Morris, Manning  & Martin, LLP and a frequent speaker on tax, partnership and  corporate topics for numerous sponsors such as the Georgia  Society of  Certified Public Accountants, the Institute for Continuing Legal Education in Georgia and the Georgia Real Estate Tax Conference.

Q&A Leaders

Julian A. Fortuna

Taxation Attorney, Taylor English

Julian A. Fortuna practices business and tax law with a focus on domestic and international tax planning for business entities, owners and executives. He also represents clients in tax controversy matters before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Georgia Department of Revenue and various other federal, state, local and foreign tax authorities and judicial bodies.

Vivian D. Hoard

Taxation Attorney, Taylor English

Vivian Hoard limits her practice to civil and criminal tax controversy  and tax litigation. Her clients include small businesses and their  owners, publicly traded companies, professional athletes, and  entertainers. Ms. Hoard consults with accounting firms during audits to  help them and their clients understand their procedural options for resolving the dispute.

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