Recipes for Success | Building Your Brand With Social Media and PR

An Interactive Hospitality and Retail Law Series

Southern Art Bourbon Bar
June 20, 2017

Recipes for Success: Building Your Brand With Social Media And PR

Join us for a breakfast program to discuss how your social media and public relations practices can increase your business. Guest panelists are: Ellen Hartman of Hartman PR, Mary Reynolds of Phase 3 Marketing & Communications, Liz Lapidus of Liz Lapidus PR, and Nikki Strickland of The Tifosi.

This intimate group discussion will focus on the key elements of:

  • Loading Up Your Plate: What Social Media Platforms Do You Need to Be On
  • Counting Calories: How Often Should You Be Posting
  • What to Put on the Menu: How to Find Content
  • Dressing the Table: What Image Are You Trying to Portray
  • Feeding the Hungry: Getting Involved in Charity Events
  • When You Need Some Yelp: Getting Reviews and What to Do with Negative Ratings

*Please note the change in location from previous Recipes For Success Events*

Southern Art Bourbon Bar is located on the lobby level of InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta
Complimentary 4-hour valet parking

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