FMLA Master Class: Georgia - Advanced Skills for Employee Leave Management

The Buckhead Club
January 14, 2016
7:30 AM-4:30 PM

Master FMLA administration in just one day with this all-new program created just for Georgia employers and HR management...

Morning Focus: Mastering FMLA Fundamentals
Afternoon Focus: FMLA Compliance Scenarios and Case Studies Explain Real-World Application 

FMLA has been part of the workplace policy landscape for over 20 years, so it’s gotten easier for HR to administer, right?

Not so. Confusing regulations, coupled with numerous recent changes at both the legislative and regulatory levels and conflicting court decisions, ensure that FMLA continues to be one of the biggest compliance headaches for employers. Now, from the publisher of Georgia Employment Law Letter comes the fast, cost-effective and engaging solution: 2016 FMLA Master Class: Georgia - Advanced Skills for Employee Leave Management.

This intensive day-long training provides the comprehensive FMLA knowledge you need to master real-life issues. During the first half, your learned faculty will provide substantive instruction on fundamental FMLA compliance principles in light of new and existing FMLA regulations, court rulings, and more. During the second half, you’ll engage with your instructors and your peers raising the types of real-life issues you face day in and day out concerning intermittent leave, return to work, performance issues, and much more. This event teaches FMLA fundamentals while instilling the confidence you need to master FMLA administration—HR’s #1 headache—once and for all!

You’ll enhance your advanced-practitioner skill set when you attend this satisfaction-guaranteed event and learn:

  • How to judge a “serious health condition” the way a real judge would, and eliminate disputes about what does and doesn’t constitute it
  • The latest FMLA revisions, so you don’t risk noncompliance
  • What recent FMLA court decisions really mean, so you can adjust your policies accordingly
  • Why FMLA recordkeeping continues to trip up even the savviest human resource managers, and some solutions to avoid similar mistakes
  • How to tame the intermittent leave and reduced schedule beasts, and put a stop to abuse and fraud
  • How FMLA, ADA, and state workers’ comp laws overlap, so you can avoid violations
  • And more!
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