Recipes for Restaurant Success - Labor & Employment Litigation

January 28, 2014


Don't Kiss the Cook: Avoiding Labor & Employment Litigation

Presented by Michele L. Stumpe and Mark I. Sanders

Join us for a breakfast program addressing your labor and employment menu plan, including the ingredients you need to avoid general employment litigation and claims:

- Management and employee training

- Internal investigation of discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims

- Hot issues in Wage and Hour law

- Protecting your customers and favorite recipes under current Georgia restrictive covenant law

- Damage control tips for employers in the Workers’ Compensation arena

Complimentary Seminar and Breakfast


Will Adams, Taylor English Duma LLP

Ilene W. Berman, Taylor English Duma LLP

R. Briggs Peery, Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers, LLP

Scott M. Porter


Sarah Bowman




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