Recipes for Restaurant Success | Adding Cooks to the Kitchen While Staying Out of Hot Water

September 22, 2015
9:15 AM - 11:00 AM

Adding Cooks to the Kitchen While Staying Out of Hot Water

Hosted by Michele Stumpe and Mark Sanders

Recipes Invitation 2014

Join us for a breakfast program to discuss how hiring talent can be top chef know-how rather than a kitchen nightmare.

This intimate group discussion will focus on the key elements of:

  • Crafting the Right Menu: Analyzing Resumes and Applications
  • Prepping the Work Table: Evaluating Applications
  • Tasting the Bouillabaisse: Interviewing and Taking Notes
  • Seating the Patrons: Pre- and Post-Hiring Documentation Do's and Don'ts
  • Scoping the Dining Room: Understanding the Implications of Social Media Searches
  • Staying up to Code: Abiding by FCRA and State and Local Laws Regarding Background Checks

Featured Speakers

Raanon Gal and Glianny Fagundo
Taylor English Duma LLP

Raanon Gal focuses his practice on defending employers in employment discrimination, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), wage and hour, harassment and wrongful termination litigation. Mr. Gal also helps companies with risk management and instituting preventative measures to avoid liability.

Glianny Fagundo is an accomplished employment and business litigator who focuses in high-stakes cases, such as multiparty or class discrimination actions, collective FLSA/wage and hour suits, restrictive covenants, RICO, contractual breaches, fraud, consumer disputes, professional liability and products liability. 

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