Taylor English sponsors educational scholarships for children at the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon, Africa

June 23, 2009

Taylor English Duma LLP is proud to sponsor educational scholarships for children in Cameroon, Africa. Litigator Michele Stumpe recently established scholarships for 18 children of the workers at the Limbe Wildlife Centre, a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation project situated in the South West Region of Cameroon. "I first traveled to Africa ten years ago to reconnect with my lifelong passion for great apes,” Stumpe says. “When I volunteered at the Limbe Wildlife Centre, I got to know several of the workers there, and their struggle to keep their children in school. I became amazed at how just a little money could go such a long way. Most children, depending upon their age and school, can be sent to school for just $75 to $500 a year." Home to many endangered species, the Limbe Wildlife Centre focuses on conservation and education. The scholarships provide a full year's tuition with a commitment to continue funding of the child's education throughout high school if the student stays in the top 50 percent of their class. "Talking to the families who were helped by the scholarship was so rewarding,” Stumpe says. “The scholarships not only provide an education for the children, but also assistance to the staff of an important conservation effort." An active member of the community, Stumpe is President of the Great Ape Project International and serves on the boards of Camp Twin Lakes and Gorilla Haven.

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