"The Other Side of Business," Cobb In Focus

September 2, 2014

In the September/October 2014 issue of Cobb In FocusMichele Stumpe is profiled for her charitable endeavors outside of the office. The article focuses on her work with Children of Conservation, a nonprofit dedicated to the conservation and protection of endangered species in third-world countries through education, habitat preservation and wildlife sanctuary support. Ms. Stumpe began volunteering at a wildlife sanctuary in Limbe, Cameroon before starting Children of Conservation, and has since taken the nonprofit’s scholarship program from 15 participants ranging in ages 8 to 15, to more than 100 children in the program today. Ms. Stumpe adds, “we started this program because we saw a strong desire from the workers to educate their children and recognized that these scholarships would not only be a tremendous benefit to working at the sanctuary, but that these kids would eventually become leaders who could help promote social change in the way conservation is viewed in their countries.” For more information about Children of Conservation and how Ms. Stumpe’s legal practice intersects with her charitable work, you can access the full article online here.

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