Tips About “The Big Game” Week

January 22, 2019

Warning: Don’t Use the Term “Super Bowl” in Your Social Media or Promotions

Taylor English trademark attorney, Amanda Hyland, recently was interviewed by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution (AJC) regarding businesses’ use of the term “Super Bowl.” With The Big Game quickly approaching, we wanted to remind you that the NFL is an aggressive enforcer of its trademark rights in the term “Super Bowl.” If you use the term, it’s quite likely you may wind up in the crosshairs of the NFL. The most common problematic use is a reference to a “Super Bowl Party,” but any use of the term should be avoided. We recommend that you review your social media accounts, onsite posters and signage, and any advertisements to ensure that you are not using the term. We recommend that you refer to "The Big Game” instead.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Amanda by calling her at 678.336.7247 or by emailing her at

Extended Hours in Atlanta for Alcohol Sales Until 4 a.m. Week of The Big Game:

Unless your restaurant is in a “special entertainment district,” City of Atlanta Ordinance sections 10-209 (c) and (d) currently allow alcohol sales in restaurants during the following times:

  • Monday to Saturday: 9-2:30 a.m. of the following day;
  • Sunday: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

However, the City of Atlanta has extended alcohol service hours until 4 a.m. from Jan. 28 to Feb. 4.

If you have any questions about this modification, please feel free to reach out to Michele Stumpe by calling her at 678.336.7160 or by emailing her at

Breaking News:

Cobb County is considering allowing alcohol sales until 2 a.m. on the Sunday of The Big Game. The final decision should be made at a Cobb County Commission meeting on Jan. 22 starting at 7 pm.

We hope you have a prosperous and successful celebration of “The Big Game!”

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