Obamacare Tax Information Returns

March 7, 2014

FYI the IRS late yesterday afternoon released two sets of final regulations on the Obamacare tax information returns which now will be required to be filed for calendar year 2015 and thereafter. One set is for insurers and others who provide healthcare coverage to individuals (click here to see TD 9660), which is 50 pages, and the other set is for employers who are subject to the Obamacare employer mandate (click here to see TD 9661), which is 84 pages. Note that neither set of regulations includes a copy of the form for making the required filings. Finally, a Treasury Department press release describing the advantages to these regulations and summarizing some of  the provisions in these regulations was released separately (click here for the press release). Please contact Jan Marsh (678.336.7135) if you would like to discuss.

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