Kemp's Post-Exposure Quarantine Requirements for Camps

Information Current as of January 11, 2021

As noted in the alert, “Georgia Governor Institutes Post-Exposure Quarantine Requirements for Certain Businesses,” Governor Kemp issued a new Executive Order (covering January 1 - 15, 2021) that imposes a new Post-Exposure Quarantine Protocol (PEQP) under certain circumstances, including in relation to children’s camps. Children’s “Camp” is defined by the Order to apply to any entity offering organized sessions of supervised recreational, athletic or instructional activities held between typical school terms or during school breaks, including those commonly referred to as a “day camp” and any license-exempt day camps operating during school terms.

The Order requires businesses offering “Camps” (as defined above) to impose the PEQP requirements on workers and children/campers of the “Camp.” The PEQP requirements state: any person who has been within six feet or closer of a person that has or is suspected to have COVID-19, for more than fifteen minutes cumulatively, within the last 14 days, must either:

  • Quarantine for fourteen days;
  • Quarantine for at least ten days and then wear a mask, Social Distance, and “practice extreme diligence” in self-monitoring for symptoms; or
  • Quarantine for at least seven days if they test negative no earlier than day five after exposure, and then wear a mask, Social Distance, and practice extreme diligence in self-monitoring.

Additionally, the PEQP requires “Camps” to post signage instructing patrons not to enter if they have been exposed to COVID-19 within the past 14 days and have not completed the PEQP quarantine requirements. Finally, “Camps” must also prohibit access to facilities and activities for Workers and children/campers with “any known exposure” who have not yet completed the PEQP quarantine options/requirements.

Next Steps

Businesses that run “Camps” should take steps to comply with the PEQP requirements set forth above. If a business has questions about where to post signage or how to apply the PEQP quarantine requirements specific to their operations, you should seek the advice of legal counsel and document efforts made for compliance. Although the current Order will expire as of 1/15/21, the infection and hospitalization rates make it likely that the PEQP requirements will be continued/renewed in the next Executive Order, so ongoing compliance may become important for a longer term.

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