Day Camps in Georgia Permitted to Operate Without Exemption Certificate

Information Current as of September 3, 2020

Until recently, “Day Camps” in Georgia could only operate during school breaks. Governor Kemps’s August 15, 2020, Executive Order expressly suspended that application requirement for some programs for the duration of Georgia’s Public Health State of Emergency. Further, the most recent Executive Order repeated that suspension and expressly stated that Day Camps that provide “Supervision” and/or a physical location for children five (5) years of age or older to participate in digital or distance learning during school hours can operate during the school year as long as the state of emergency lasts.

Typically, “Day Camp” programs are those that are for children five (5) years and older that are operated between school terms with the primary purpose of recreation, religion or instructional activities and such Day Camps may not operate for more than twelve (12) hours per day. With the Executive Order, Day Camps are now permitted to operate during the school term so long as the Day Camp is providing Supervision.

Supervision is defined to mean that the appropriate number of staff members must be physically present in the area where children are being cared for and providing watchful oversight to the children. Further, the persons/staff supervising must be alert, able to respond promptly to needs and actions of children and provide timely attention to children’s actions and needs. Finally, the Executive Order states the Day Camp must have a staff to child ratio not exceeding 1:20 and is subject to monitoring for verification of compliance with certain health and safety restrictions set forth by the Georgia.

Action Items

If you are a Day Camp and need assistance in determining what you need to do to offer supervised distance learning to children five (5) years of age or older, reach out to counsel for guidance and advise to ensure compliance with applicable health and safety restrictions.

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