Each BO Report will need to identify every “beneficial owner” of the reporting company (including non-US citizens) and, for each one, provide a full legal name, date of birth, home address, and a unique identifying number and supporting document (such as a driver’s license or passport). Identifying every beneficial owner is a complicated process that […]

Our familiarity in the construction industry is fueled by practical knowledge and more than 100 years of hands-on experience. With mechanical and civil engineering backgrounds, we’ve worked with all the players and know the landscape in a way that allows us to give informed advice for your success-driven business. From regulatory compliance to employment matters […]

Our vigilant attention to industry trends and deep knowledge of tax case law come together to support small to medium-sized businesses through services that address: Understanding the nuts and bolts of tax matters–and the importance of reporting–allows us to intentionally counsel on any given tax situation. Our clients will never hear “don’t worry, you’ll never […]

We leverage decades of experience advising middle market clients expanding or selling their businesses on the complexities of mergers and acquisitions, including: The sooner and more deeply we can engage with a client, the greater our opportunity to listen and guide clients to achieve targeted outcomes. We deliver value to our clients, regardless of their […]

The group is also well-versed with every recognized labor organization, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), state agencies, federal and state trial and appeals courts, and grievance arbitration. Managing long and short-term interactions with unions requires sensitivity and understanding the intentions of management and the labor force. Client objectives can vary from working creatively as […]

From identification and registration to monitoring and enforcement, the complex trademark journey requires a mix of savvy legal and business counsel. Our team of experienced attorneys provides trusted advice to clients, enabling them to build and protect their brands with confidence and helping them: Having backgrounds supporting businesses across a wide variety of commercial, consumer, […]

Our IP patent legal group provides clients with targeted advice across a broad spectrum of patent-related matters. With backgrounds in engineering and technology as well as patent law, we simultaneously tap both left- and right-brain methods to deliver responsive, flexible, understandable patent solutions that are as innovative and practical as our clients’ inventions. From our […]

Franchisors With decades of experience advising franchisors on a range of business and legal issues, the franchise team offers industry acumen, personalized counsel and flexible fee arrangements. Focused on client pain points and collaborative resolution, the team’s dynamic services are well-suited for start-ups and seasoned businesses alike. Having a detailed understanding of the franchise landscape […]

Our work includes thousands of transactions involving: Our work with national, regional and local financial and lending institutions on a range of lending and finance matters underscore the depth and breadth of our capabilities. With decades of experience–including serving as in-house and outside counsel–our team members provide the practical advice necessary to complete transactions productively.

We advise business owners, ESOP trustees, financial advisers, minority shareholders and investors in: This comprehensive advice enables business owners to evaluate and compare the tax and other benefits of an ESOP sale to a traditional sale to a strategic buyer or a private equity fund.