Attorneys - Hub and Remote Program

Unique Hybrid Business Model

One of the key distinguishing characteristics of our firm is our first-of-its kind hybrid business model in which we blend the full-service features of a centralized office – our “Hub” – with the efficiency and geographic scope of a virtual law firm, with our “Remote” lawyers situated close to clients across the country while collaborating with our Hub attorneys and each other on a shared technology platform.

Hub Attorneys

Taylor English features a centralized headquarters in Atlanta, our aforementioned “Hub.”  The Atlanta Hub was completely refurbished in 2017 and contains all the technology bells and whistles you would expect in a sophisticated law firm headquarters, along with the hospitality and conference room services we utilize for depositions, closings, educational presentations, client meetings, and community events. 

Attorneys who have offices in the Hub (whom we sometimes refer to as “Hub” attorneys) range from experienced attorneys with more than ten years of practice and their own book of business to up-and-coming entrepreneurial attorneys who like the flexibility and advanced pace of professional development our unique business model offers.  All of our Hub attorneys are compensated based on their hours worked and their collected originations based on a formula that provides complete transparency and financial incentives for performance.

If you are an experienced attorney in the Atlanta area who would like to learn more about practicing in our Hub headquarters, please contact one of our recruiters for more information. 

Remote Attorneys

Taking advantage of the efficiencies that technology makes possible, many Taylor English attorneys work from client locations, additional shared office spaces or their home offices.  These are our “Remote” attorneys.

Remote attorneys are full members of our Firm, listed on our website.  They collaborate with members of their Practice Groups, originate their own clients, share origination with other attorneys when they contribute to new business, and participate in exciting marketing opportunities.  Remote attorneys have the flexibility to work wherever they like, creating and storing documents in our secure cloud-based document management systems and communicating with other Taylor English attorneys through Firm-provided VOIP phones. 

Remote attorneys are usually experienced attorneys with more than ten years of practice and their own book of business.  Remote attorneys like the Taylor English model because it allows them to keep a greater percentage of the revenues they generate while leveraging the capacity and wide skillsets made available by the Taylor English network of Hub and fellow Remote attorneys.

Like Hub attorneys, Remote attorneys are also paid based on their hours worked and their collected originations.  Our Remote attorney compensation plan is transparent, rewarding production and efficiency and making it possible for Remote attorneys to enjoy the flexibility of a home or shared office with the capacity and breadth of a traditional full-service law office.

If you are an experienced attorney with your own book of business who might benefit from the Taylor English Remote attorney system, please contact one of our recruiters for more information. 

To hear directly from our attorneys about the Taylor English experience, please click on the image to view:

Redefining Remote Legal ServicesRedefining Remote Legal Services: Launched in 2017, Taylor English’s Remote attorney platform exemplifies the firm’s efforts to disrupt the traditional delivery of legal services. Taylor English is shaping the law firm of the future by engaging legal talent from across the country and providing them with tools for success. Rooted in collaboration, the Remote platform reflects the firm’s culture of flexibility and entrepreneurship. Marc Taylor, Chris Wilson and others share their thoughts on how Taylor English’s Remote platform is helping attorneys build better careers.

Remote attorney and group of local attorneys