Experienced Attorneys

Taylor English attracts talented, experienced attorneys for a variety of reasons. Often, they are attracted by our commitment to think like the successful businesses we serve. Sometimes, they recognize diminishing opportunities for equity partnerships at the large firms they’ve served. Almost always, however, the right attorney for Taylor English is entrepreneurial in spirit – someone who wants the freedom and opportunity that come with running one’s own practice, but also wants the benefits of a larger firm infrastructure.

As a Taylor English attorney, you control your earnings and growth potential. You’re encouraged to discuss ideas with other professionals, expand revenue potential through cross-selling and to enjoy the benefits of operational, administrative, business development and marketing support. We discourage in-house politics with a clear, measurable compensation program that defines earnings up front when any new matter is opened – not at the end of the year behind closed doors.

Above all, our growth model is based on a balance between our dynamic, collaborative approach and each individual’s drive for excellence.