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Mandated Reporter Arrested

Mandated Reporter Arrested

Another mandated reporter has been arrested for failing to report suspected child abuse to law enforcement. According to this story, a principal in Orlando has been charged with two counts of violating Florida's mandated reporter law. Florida law requires an immediate report of "known or suspected" abuse, and treats failure to report as a felony. This particular principle also is accused of preventing another person from making a report, leading to the second felony charge against him.

Law enforcement takes these failures to report seriously, and I am seeing more and more such criminal charges. I have written before about the lack of scientific evidence showing that mandated reporter laws actually help prevent abuse.  But legislators and law enforcement believe otherwise. Until there is an appetite for more nuanced policies, mandated reporters cannot exercise any independent judgment. If you work in a youth organization, be absolutely certain that your staff knows their legal responsibilities, most especially when and how to make required reports.

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