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NAEYC Presentation

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I will be in Dallas this week, speaking at the NAEYC conference on Thursday morning. My topic is "Mandatory Reporting: Who, What, Why, When & Where." If you are there, track me down, say hello, and join us for lunch.

The Joy of Conferences

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A few weeks ago, I spoke at the Georgia Association of Young Children (GAYC) annual conference, and in late September, I spoke at the conference for the Southeastern Section of the American Camping Association.  I thoroughly enjoyed both conferences.  It always is good to re-connect with old friends, and to remember why I enjoy so much working with people who work with kids.  

My topic in both seminars was how to implement the recent CDC guidelines on "Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Youth-Serving Organizations" (PDF available here). I helped edit the final report (finding my name on the acknowledgements page was pretty cool), and was impressed with how much work went into the project.  Given the CDC's stature, these guidelines are likely to become an important standard in the field.  The CDC imprimatur also means that the guidelines are likely to show up in lawsuits. Plenty of directors will find themselves answering a lawyer's question, "Did YOU implement the CDC's recommendation on page 4?" 

I hope to be at the ACA's National Conference in February.  If you're there, be sure to look me up and introduce yourself.

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