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Catching up with Penn State

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I have been in trial, and only recently have surfaced. Apparently, all sorts of interesting things happened while I was distracted, starting with the allegations about Sandusky at Penn State. I am still gathering information, so I don't have a lot of strong opinions (yet). What I have read so far, however, fits a very familiar pattern. Allegations about a trusted authority figure, reports that get garbled as they go up the chain of authority, an instinctive disbelief that such things could be happening here -- all in all, a very difficult task to sort out what actually happened. I am not surprised that the grand jury took a couple of years to work through all of the various reports.

One caution, though, about the grand jury summary. By definition, those are summaries. They leave out a lot of facts, and it is never a good idea to reach conclusions by filling in those gaps, no matter how logical it seems.

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