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Georgia Governor Institutes Post-Exposure Quarantine Requirements for Certain Businesses

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In response to surging case numbers and crowded hospitals, Governor Kemp last week updated the requirements of the statewide Executive Order for the first time in several weeks. The update explicitly adopts a quarantine requirement for Georgians exposed to COVID-19 and imposes an obligation on certain businesses regarding such persons. The requirement does not apply to all businesses in Georgia, and it imposes different requirements on different kinds of businesses.

This Alert will describe the quarantine protocol and its general application to businesses in Georgia. We will publish additional guidance later this week regarding specific application of the quarantine protocol to children’s Camps, Live Performance Venues, and gyms and fitness centers.

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Reopening Schools, Fall 2020


Both the state of Georgia and the CDC have released guidance to help school authorities “determine their plans and strategies for reopening schools” in the fall, whatever of the status of the pandemic.  While neither document is binding, they will be important in establishing the standard of care for both independent and public schools.  The guidelines focus on the ability to open buildings and allow students to move freely, based on the degree of potential community spread. 

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Highlights of Governor Brian Kemp’s Updated Reviving a Healthy Georgia Executive Order


On May 12, 2020, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued an updated Executive Order regarding continued social distancing, sanitation and other measures for businesses, and continued prohibition of Gatherings (more than 10 people if they cannot be kept six feet apart). The Order can be found here.

Below are some of the key business points of the Order, which is in effect from May 14 through May 31, 2020. Restaurants are subject to extensive and complex requirements under the Order; those will be summarized separately. 

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Waivers in the Time of Coronavirus


As Georgia businesses consider reopening or expanding after Gov. Kemp’s most recent executive order, many are considering liability waivers to have clients and/or customers sign. To date, no courts have reviewed any waivers specifically in light of COVID-19, but there are some general principles available.

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Guide to Reopening Businesses Post-Pandemic


As the shelter-at-home (SAH) orders for many states expire this week, companies across the country are starting to think about how and under what circumstances they will reopen.  While it is early in the process, some themes have emerged:

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Summary of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s Partial Reopening Order


Georgia will permit some non-essential businesses to reopen this week and next, subject to social distancing measures.  Governor Brian Kemp announced the loosening at an afternoon press conference on Monday April 20.  Other states including South Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Florida also made announcements yesterday regarding initial moves toward statewide reopening. 

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Ransomware a Persistent Threat to School Districts

Reporting in 2019 indicates that waves of ransomware attacks continue to hit school districts; one cyber intelligence agency reports that more than 500 schools had been hit by late September. After three Louisiana districts were targeted, the Louisiana governor declared a state of emergency relating to school ransomware attacks during the summer.

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