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Changes for Georgia Childcare Centers

Childcare Center

Effective October 1, 2020, Georgia childcare centers have a new set of rules to follow. You can get a copy of the entire set of regulations at the DECAL website. Some of the major changes are:

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Mandated Reporting Protocol

I have received several questions lately from youth organization about what sort of procedure they should have in place for mandated reporting. Each situation is unique, but there are several principles that you can follow.

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Responding to Suicidal Students

This is National Suicide Prevention Week, and this year it comes amid reports of increased suicides and depression during the pandemic. Those of us who work with children and teenagers are likely to encounter clients who express suicidal thoughts. The good news is that there are many resources that can help us respond.

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Day Camps Can Operate During the School Year

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Until recently, “Day Camps” in Georgia could only operate during school breaks. Governor Kemps’s August 15, 2020, Executive Order expressly suspended that application requirement for some programs for the duration of Georgia’s Public Health State of Emergency. Further, the most recent Executive Order repeated that suspension and expressly stated that Day Camps that provide “Supervision” and/or a physical location for children five (5) years of age or older to participate in digital or distance learning during school hours can operate during the school year as long as the state of emergency lasts.

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State Powers to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccination and Employee Vaccination Considerations for Employers

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In 1955, Canada used an 18-month polio vaccine trial period to set up a compulsory vaccination program. Facing the same health crisis and given the same time period, the U.S. Federal government chose a limited role in engaging State governments to prepare for and distribute the vaccine. Many claimed the U.S. Federal government’s failure to work with the States to prepare and lead in the 1950s led to distribution problems of the polio vaccine, with many poor communities being overlooked for more than a decade.

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Accommodating Anxiety and Depression During the Pandemic

One unfortunate side effect of coronavirus measures has been an increase in anxiety among our children. Most of the reports are anecdotal, but one study of Chinese students showed a significant increase in anxiety and depression among children quarantined for a mean of 34 days. Closer to home, 30% of parents participating in a May 2020 Gallup poll reported harm to their child’s emotional or mental health. These problems come on top of already rising rates of teen suicide.

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