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Mandated Reporting and the Immunity Myth

Child in terror sitting down with hands covering face

The most recent APSAC Advisor has an excellent article about an important issue — the myth that mandated reporters are immune from liability for reporting their suspicions of child abuse. Every training I have ever attended has reassured mandated reporters that they will face no repercussions from making a report. That information is flat-out wrong — the system does not have the protections it needs for mandated reporters.

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More Anti-Bullying Research

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In my ongoing quest to find effective anti-bullying programs to recommend to my clients, I ran across two recent literature reviews. Both continued the depressing trend of finding no significant impact from the programs.

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Employees or Independent Contractors?

Independent contractor agreement

Many of my smaller clients have asked about hiring short-term and part-time staff as independent contractors rather than employees. My law partner, Glianny Fagundo, outlines some of the risks of that practice:

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Staff Training

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Employees training online

As your program starts planning for the new school year, here are some topics that you need to consider including. Some are more important than others — mandated reporting for example, may fulfill a legal requirement in your state, while dealing with media inquiries may be a remote possibility. As always, your training program should fit the needs of your program.

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