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Injuries from TVs on the Rise

A recent study published in the online journal Pediatrics found an alarming rise in injuries to children from falling televisions. No one is quite sure of the reasons for the trend, but the study speculates that more parents may be moving older televisions to less secure locations where children climb and pull the TVs over on themselves.

If you have a television in your facility, be sure that you anchor it with anti-tip mechanisms. Even if the children in your program are not toddlers prone to climb, you need to guard against accidental bumps and accidents that could dislodge the television.

Juveniles Report More Assaults by Female Staff than Male

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Scared 8 year old boy being abused or abducted by adult femaleThe U.S Bureau of Justice Statistics has released a fascinating report about incarcerated juveniles whom researchers interviewed in 2012.  The report has a lot of interesting findings, but the one I want to highlight here is that, of the 7.7% of the children who reported an incident involving staff, more than 90% (males and females) reported assaults by female staff members.  That statistic flies in the face of older research, and common belief, that men are more likely than women to victimize children.

It is not clear what is driving this new trend, but administrators need to pay attention to the statistics.  You need to carefully screen all staff members, not just men who want to work with children.

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