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We Won!

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I got some good news last week that I want to brag about just a little bit.  Two years ago, my client, Laurelbrook School, was sued by the U.S. Department of Labor, which charged that the school's vocational program was just a pretense to allow the school to benefit from the students' unpaid labor. We had a seven-day trial (2 day in August 2008 and 5 days in April 2009).  Last week, the judge ruled in favor of Laurelbrook, holding that its vocational program is valid and benefits the students more than the school. 

This was one of those good wins that keep idealistic lawyers in the profession.

She's Ba-ack

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I'm finally able to pay attention to my blog again, and apologize for letting it lapse for so long. It started with a wonderful family trip to England, where husband showed the two teenage boys all the places where he grew up. It was one of those trips of a lifetime that we'll never forget, but it took up most of June, and then I came back to a very long list of things to do to catch up.  

Evidence-Based Treatment

My first stop after our vacation was the APSAC Colloquium, where I had a great time teaching and catching up with old friends.   I particularly appreciated the keynote address by Dr. Ben Saunders. He is a leading advocate of treating child abuse victims according to protocols that are grounded in solid mental health research.  His organization has a great list of resources for both mental health professionals and lay people describing the treatment methods that have the most evidentiary support.

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