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Threat Actor in Iran Acting Against Certain VPN Products

The FBI and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have published a warning regarding attacks to certain VPN products by a known threat actor based in Iran.  The CISA warning is here for reference.  Once it has attacked the specified vulnerabilities, the threat actor is able “to gain initial access to targeted networks and then maintained access within the successfully exploited networks for several months using multiple means of persistence,” according to CISA. 

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EU Data Transfers Under Fire

News emerged this week that the Irish data authority will order Facebook to stop use in the US of data and information about Irish residents. This development is part of a long-running saga between the EU and the US about what constitutes “adequate” protection of personal data about European individuals. If your company has employees, customers, or suppliers in Europe and relies on contracts, government certification, or other formal mechanisms to allow you to use data about those individuals on systems located in the US, the Facebook news and related issues may be relevant.

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