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If Being "Proactive" is a Management Objective, This is a Good Year

At the beginning of the calendar year, many in-house counsel and human resources professionals embark on taking steps to meet their annual management objectives. If history is any guide, many human resources professionals and in-house counsel have as one of their objectives taking “proactive” steps to minimize risk to their organizations. For those who have such objectives, the changes in the legal landscape provide fertile opportunities under (1) wage and hour laws; (2) background screening; and (3) policies and procedures, including related to equal employment laws.

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“Accidental” Personal Charges on Company Credit Card

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iStock_credit cards_smallA client recently called because a relatively high-level executive had charged more than $40,000 of personal purchases on the company’s credit card. When confronted about the situation, he apologized and said it was a mistake and agreed to move the charges to his personal cards. Not altogether surprising, it turned out he was having financial issues. He did not have enough credit in his cards to make the transfer, could not open new credit cards, and did not have enough funds to pay the debt. He agreed to repay the company through a payment plan, but after a few checks the payments stopped. What should the company do?

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