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Georgia’s Proposed “Religious Liberty” Bill: Mostly Dead…Or Slightly Alive

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dreamstime,bigstockRemember the old adage about not discussing religion or politics in polite company?  Georgia legislators seem to have forgotten this, creating havoc at the Capital and among Georgians. If the bill were to pass, it may impact the way some Georgia employers interact with employees and customers. Georgia employers are watching closely.

What is the Fuss About?

At issue is the fate of SB 129, titled the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (RFRA). As drafted, the bill would bar the state (as well as county and local governments) from substantially burdening religious exercise unless necessary to further a compelling state interest. Many states have similar laws, including the much recently publicized Indiana bill. Supporters of the law claim that the proposed legislation will protect religious freedom and make it harder for the government to interfere with people’s religious practices.

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