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Journalists Ponder Future of U.S. Cuba Relations

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Journalists who cover United States Cuba relations are hopeful but mystified by the potential for improvement under the Trump administration, according to a report from the Miami Herald. Journalists spoke on a panel titled, “What is the future of relations between Cuba and the United States in 2017?” at the Hispanicize 2017 conference.

There is tremendous potential for economic development from improving trade between the two countries, but U.S. electoral politics has been a barrier to compromise between the U.S. and Cuban governments in the past. 

Pablo de Llano, the Florida and Cuba correspondent for the El País newspaper said, “It’s a mystery. Nobody knows, nobody knows when Trump is going to take a step. He will have some dialogue with the Cuban American community, apparently Senator Marco Rubio is trying to influence the issue, but what can be deduced is that it is not at all a priority.”

Also speaking on the panel were Rick Jervis, USA Today correspondent; Myriam Márquez, executive editor of el Nuevo Herald; Angie Sandoval, Telemundo correspondent; and Hatzel Vela, Cuba correspondent for WPLG Local 10.

“What interests Cuba is to have the embargo lifted in order to have access to the credits that other countries have,” Márquez said. “Venezuela is on fire. They know they do not have much time. So what can the Raúl Castro regime do to change that equation, with a man like Trump, who no one knows which way he is going to turn? That’s going to be the most interesting thing.”

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