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Apple's Secret Team Working on Diabetes Solution Through Wearables

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Yesterday's news about Apple's secret effort to find the 'holy grail' for treating diabetes is just the tip of the iceberg.  

The data-mining and communications solutions that are made possible by the Internet will make it possible for future entrepreneurs to launch solutions that we find hard to imagine today.

Wearable devices, once configured with the right technology to enable the monitoring of blood sugar levels, blood oxygen levels and other health data in combination with data-mining and simultaneous communication to health care providers hold great potential for guiding patients to make healthy choices and to seek medical help when appropriate.

There are obvious data privacy and cyber-security implications, of course, but even these challenges are opportunities in disguise for the entrepreneurs who can develop market-friendly solutions. 

FTC May Not Regulate Common Carrier Bandwidth Advertising for Fairness

Posted In Government, Industry, Media, Public Policy

A federal court ruling this week contributes to the confused state of which US agencies may regulate behavior of ISPs relating to the Internet. The Ninth Circuit has held that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)—the nation's fair advertising watchdog—may not police ISP performance claims put forth by AT&T. The reason? AT&T is a "common carrier," a public utility historically regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rather than the FTC. The rub, though, is that the two agencies generally have split jurisdiction, with ad claims falling squarely to the FTC regardless what industry produced the ad in question.

This ruling appears to signal that common carrier ads, i.e. those of any FCC-regulated communications utility, cannot be challenged by the FTC. That opens up a lot of fights about who is a common carrier and which aspects of their business, operations versus advertising, may be policed by which agency. Such uncertainty is unwelcome for companies playing in the fast-moving Internet field: not knowing whose standards apply and how is a real business challenge. It also makes it hard to know where consumers should go with a complaint. 

Client Focus: EasyVote Solutions Powers the Vote

Posted In Elections, Industry, SEC, Securities

Our good client, EasyVote Solutions, has had a great year of growth and is gathering recognition for its early vote management solutions.

EasyVote Solutions was recently named one of the TAG Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies. EasyVote’s SaaS solution creates efficiency in the people, equipment and financing that support democracy across 85 Georgia counties and eight other states.

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Safe Harbor's Replacement - Handshake Deal in Place

Posted In In-House Counsel, Industry, Privacy, Public Policy

The officials working to replace the recently-invalidated data transfer Safe Harbor have in place a handshake deal.

The full details are not yet public, but presumably will be disclosed before the deadline of January 2016 for US businesses to comply with EU data protection laws.

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Savannah Film Incentive Makes State Even More Competitive

The Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA) is making Georgia an even more attractive place to shoot films, starting in 2016. This is a boost to an industry that didn't exist in Georgia in a big way until about 10 years ago, but that has grown rapidly: filmed entertainment brought about $6 billion to Georgia in 2014.

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Cyber Hygiene: Upgrade Your Software, Too

Data security is a multi-part process for most organizations. Today's installment of cyber hygiene habits for 2015 reminds us that updating software is a critical step in securing our networks. 

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Cyber Hygiene: Upgrade Your Hardware

This fourth installment in our cyber hygiene series will discuss the importance of hardware upgrades in maintaining corporate data security. As with all the best practices we recommend in this series, the idea behind protection is to avoid incidents where possible, mitigate damage if they occur, and have a defensible position or "storyline" if you suffer a dispute or investigation. 

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Cyber Hygiene Habits: Have a Plan For Your Employees

For 2015, we are addressing data security and privacy by discussion of topics relating to information security and hygiene. Parts one and two covered knowledge of what laws cover your business and of what data you have in your networks. This installment covers the human side of data handling: which employees have access to your data, and why.

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Georgia Legislature Approves Sale of $55 Million in Tax Credits to Fund Venture Capital

Posted In Crowdfunding, Government, Industry, Securities

My tax partner, Julian Fortuna wrote this:

The Georgia General Assembly recently passed H.B. 439 which contains a provision authorizing the Invest Georgia Fund to raise capital by selling premium tax credits to insurance companies doing business in Georgia.

The Invest Georgia Fund (“the Fund”) is a state-owned venture capital fund established in 2013 to invest in Georgia-based technology, bioscience, manufacturing, marketing, agriculture, and information related companies. The Fund is authorized to invest in early or growth stage companies which are headquartered Georgia and maintain their principal business here for at least three years after receiving funding. Companies receiving funding must also meet certain headcount and revenue criteria. A three member board was appointed in August 2014 to oversee the Fund and select an administrator through an open bidding process.

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Georgia House Approves Renewal of Georgia Angel Investor Tax Credit

Posted In Government, Industry

My tax partner, Julian Fortuna, pulled together this primer on the Georgia Angel Investor Tax Credit program and its pending extension in the Georgia House of Representatives.

On March 11, 2015, the Georgia House of Representatives voted unanimously to approve HB 237, a bill to renew the “angel investor tax credit” that is currently set to expire at the end of 2015. If passed by the Senate and signed by the Governor, the bill would extend the tax credit for another five years. Since 2011 when the tax credit law was first enacted, 225 qualified startups and early-growth companies have registered with the Georgia Department of Revenue to receive qualified investor tax credits. The program has created more than 200 net new jobs in Georgia with a payroll of about $10 million. Currently, 26 other states offer some form of tax credit for accredited investors who take a stake in early-stage companies. Advocates claim that renewal of Georgia’s qualified investor tax credit law is important to attracting business and maintaining the health of the state’s economy.

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