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California Hospital Wins $500 million Data Privacy Case

Posted In Litigation, Privacy

A hospital in California that was victimized in a computer hack prevailed in a lawsuit brought as a class action by affected former patients whose personal information was breached in the hack prevailed on appeal.

At issue was a California statute protecting personal health information.  The plaintiffs in the case had personal data (including name, billing information, social security number and contact details) breached, but the breach did not include any medical information.  The California court of appeals rejected the plaintiffs case under the statute because the plaintiffs had not proved that any substantive medical information was actually released.

EB-5 Program Creates Investment Opportunities for Foreign Investors

Posted In Securities

My colleagues Mark Sanders and Matt Flower have penned a piece on the EB-5 investment program.

EB-5 offerings have gotten a bad rap because there are so many disreputable brokers and, often, too many middle-men in the deal. If, however, you can put together a deal with the right people and avoid the problem of excessive commissions the underlying economics can provide a competitive source of capital for many projects.

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