Taylor English Decisions

Making decisions is part of any business leader’s day-to-day activities. Some of these decisions are routine while others are mission critical. However, even routine decisions need to align to the vision and culture of the organization. At Taylor English Decisions, we provide the knowledge needed for intentional decision making. Meaning, we provide insight to the challenge at hand that allows for aligned, unique, integrated, and efficient decision making. But most importantly, the analysis and insight leads to decision making that produces winning strategies.

Our business model is based on the nexus of government and business. To this end, we have created two service segments—Government Strategies and Business Leadership Consulting.

In our first year of business, we were ranked #7 in James Magazine’s Top 10 Governmental Affairs firms associated with a law firm. In our second year, we moved up four spots to #3.

More information can be found on the firm’s website at www.tedecisions.com.