Social Justice: Cultural and Economic Equality

The news headlines, personal stories, and trauma that have occurred across our nation in 2020 sit heavy on our hearts. As human beings, it has been painful to witness injustices and biases in so many of our states, cities, and neighborhoods. As legal counselors, the continued marginalization of so many communities—Black, Hispanic, women, LGBTQ, Jewish, Muslim, immigrant, and others—is a stark reminder of the work still to be done. Building relationships, breaking stereotypes, and demanding changes to systemic abuses provide a path to erode hate and seed fellowship in its stead. 

There comes a time when silence is a betrayal.”— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Taylor English is committed to raising our voices, taking a stand, and acting against violence and discrimination.  We believe actions speak louder than words.  We have dedicated, and will continue to invest, our time, talent, and financial resources toward building a more equitable and just society.

We are furthering our work with, and financial support of, nonpartisan organizations dedicated to justice, such as the Anti-Defamation League; the American Civil Liberties Union; Georgia Appleseed Center for Law & Justice; the National Urban League; and the Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. We have also developed opportunities to learn from and engage with our attorneys who volunteer and hold leadership positions within organizations such as The 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc., The Urban League of Greater Atlanta, Georgia Latino Law Foundation, Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, and the Gate City Bar Association.

To create lasting change, we must also look inward and make improvements within our firm. We are exploring opportunities to benefit and enrich our collective community, including creating a scholarship for Black law students and developing a pro-bono program to support Black-owned businesses through both through Firm client, The Gathering Spot, and Firm partner, the Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Additionally, we will continue to build on diversity as fundamental to our continued success as a law firm, and we will remain focused on doing our part to increase representation and inclusion of diverse attorneys and staff within the firm and the legal industry as a whole.

We all still have much to learn and there are many discussions that remain to be had. In the wake of our Nation’s reckoning, we need to do more and do better. Through our collective commitment to continued conversations, engagement, and action, Taylor English stands with our diverse communities and will continue the fight for social justice.

- Micheline Johnson and Morris Little, Co-Chairs of Taylor English’s Social Justice Action Committee

- LeeAnn Jones and Tres Dye, Co-Chairs of Taylor English’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Social Justice in Action

Taylor English’s Social Justice Action Committee was launched in July 2020. While our attorneys have long individually supported efforts in their various communities, we as a firm are at the beginning point of a unified journey. We are excited about what we can accomplish as a firm and invite you to share this journey with us. Below is the beginning of our commitment, and we’ll have more to share over the next several months.

Representative Community Organizations Receiving Significant Support from Taylor English: